The International Telescope Museum is the only formal museum solely dedicated to telescopes worldwide, and is devoted to the preservation, conservation, collection, education, study, exhibition, research, interpretation, documentation and restoration of telescopes and telescope artifacts.


To celebrate the past, present, and future history of all things telescope, including all telescope-based instruments and equipment, and every type of telescope.


The International Telescope Museum is committed to be at the forefront of history, science, culture, heritage, and education.


The International Telescope Museum is a Federally-Recognized 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization. Under US Federal 501(c)(3) status, the Museum’s National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities code is A57, Science & Technology Museum. The Museum is a pale reflection of its future, beginning to move into the public stage after a long incubation. The International Telescope Museum expects to form very important alliances, partnerships and other forms of cooperative relationships with essentially all appropriate telescope and telescope-oriented organizations and people. The Museum’s incubation included building the foundational corporate infrastructure, attaining US Federal 501(c)(3) status, developing the substantial processes and projects required for proper museum systems, and especially to develop the extensive capabilities required to support its mission. The Museum is currently raising funds to support its efforts, including finalizing permanent facilities, to apply to the Smithsonian Institution for affiliation and accreditation, to build alliances with a wide variety of important organizations, to hire a complete Museum team, to fulfill other critical requirements for full museum operations, and to attain a long-term endowment to allow the smallest possible museum entrance fees and Member dues, a stable annual budget, and the best possible programs. The Museum needs space! Please donate to the building fund here.