The Museums are developing a wide range of educational programs, educational materials, and museum experiences for students, K-12 teachers, university faculties, adults, and kids to appreciate the past, present, and future history of telescopes and vacuum tubes. These include:

  • Classes
  • Curriculum materials
  • Demonstrations
  • Experiential exhibits
  • Field trips
  • Home school programs
  • Lecture series
  • School outreach
  • Science cafes
  • Theater movies
  • Traveling exhibitions
  • Workshops for teachers

These projects and programs will help the Museums become an important part of the global educational infrastructure, connecting the history, beauty and science of telescopes and vacuum tubes with the community.

We need teachers, engineers, technicians, scientists, and academics who can give lectures and demonstrations, who can lead classes, who can lead field trips, who can help write curriculums, who can help with traveling exhibits and who can help to design, develop, manage and implement these programs and projects. If you would like to help, please let us know your ideas, experience, availability, etc. here.