The Tube Historian: Central Sales, Another Obscure Tube Maker

The Tube Historian: Central Sales, Another Obscure Tube Maker

Ludwell A. Sibley is the renowned authority on vacuum tubes and a highly respected historian of vacuum tubes and antique electronics. Mr. Sibley is President of the Tube Collectors Association, and he writes prolifically on developments in the vacuum tube world and is frequently quoted in popular and technical articles and books. His famous and often cited vacuum tube reference book, Tube Lore, is considered the authoritative and definitive reference book on early vacuum tubes.

Mr. Sibley obtained his FCC First Class Radio License in 1962 and became an amateur radio operator in 1987, later upgrading to the Amateur Extra Class License. His amateur callsign is KB2EVN. He holds multiple awards, including the AWA Houck – Documentation, Tyne Tube, and President’s Awards. In addition to vacuum tubes, he collects literature, civilian and military radios, early technical publications, and telegraph equipment.

He is on the Advisory Council of the International Vacuum Tube Museum and authors a Column in Filling the Vacuum.

Click here for the article in Filling the Vacuum. Reprinted with permission by Ludwell A. Sibley from the February 2014 issue of Tube Collector.

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