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Vacuum Tube Books Reference

IVTM IDTitleAuthor(s)PublisherLocationDatePagesType/BindingLanguage
IVTMB.1.15 Meter RadiotelephonyJones1934English
IVTMB.1.270 years of Radio Tubes and valvesStokes, John W.English
IVTMB.1.375 Years of Western Electric Tube manufacturingMagers, BernardEnglish
IVTMB.1.4A Manual of Vacuum PracticeMartin, L.H., Hill, R.D.University of Melbourne PressMelbourne1947English
IVTMB.1.5A Method Of Calculating The Performance Of Vacuum-Tube Circuits Used For The Plate Detection Of Radio SignalsWoods, J. P 1931English
IVTMB.1.6A Modern Look at Antique Radio RepairEnglish
IVTMB.1.7A Positive Grid Voltage-Space Current Division Test For Power Vacuum TubesJolly, James A. 1957English
IVTMB.1.8A Primer on Capture, Sorb and Cryo PumpingGilbert, R.American Vacuum Society1992100English
IVTMB.1.9A Study And Design Of A Wide Band, Low Noise Vacuum Tube AmplifierKoger, Harold G 1966English
IVTMB.1.10A System of Multiplex Telephony by the use of Vacuum TubesArnold, E H, Throop, A R1919English
IVTMB.1.11A Thermionic Vacuum Tube With A Variable Mesh Grid As A Plate Current ControlLaird, Harold Remington English
IVTMB.1.12A to Z in AudioG. A Briggs1961225English
IVTMB.1.13A Users Guide to Vacuum TechnologyOHanlon, J.F.John Wiley & SonsNew York1980English
IVTMB.1.14A Users Guide to Vacuum Technology Second EditionOHanlon, J.F.John Wiley & SonsNew York1989English
IVTMB.1.15A Users Guide to Vacuum Technology Third editionOHanlon, J.F.John Wiley & SonsNew York2003500English
IVTMB.1.16ABC of TelevisionYates1929English
IVTMB.1.17ABC of Vacuum Tubes in Radio ReceptionElmer Hugh Lewis1922English
IVTMB.1.18ABCs of Vacuum TubesDonald A. Smith1967English
IVTMB.1.19Adsorption of Gases on Heterogeneous SurfacesRudzinski, W., Everett, D.H.AcademicLondon1992English
IVTMB.1.20Advances in Vacuum Science and Technology, Proceedings, 1st International Congress on Vacuum Techniques Vol. IIThomas, E.Pergamon PressOxford1960English
IVTMB.1.21Advances in Vacuum Science and Technology, Proceedings, 1st International Congress on Vacuum Techniques Vol. IThomas, E.NamurBelgium1958English
IVTMB.1.22Adventures in VacuumSparnaay, M.J.ElsevierAmsterdam1992English
IVTMB.1.23Aeronautical RadioMyron Eddy1939514English
IVTMB.1.24All About Frequency ModulationGernsback 1941English
IVTMB.1.25All About TelevisionJohn DarbyPopular Mechanics CompanyEnglish
IVTMB.1.26All About Vacuum Tube Guitar AmplifiersGerald Weber2009SoftboundEnglish
IVTMB.1.27Allied Basic Electronics: Basic Circuitry, From the Vacuum Tube to the Electronic Control Circuits, with ExperimentsAllied Radio Corporation1961English
IVTMB.1.28Amateur Tests and MeasurementsLouis M. Dezettel, W5REZEnglish
IVTMB.1.29Amateur Transmitter ManualKenyon1937English
IVTMB.1.30Amplifier Builders GuideHugo Gernsback196433English
IVTMB.1.31AmplifiersH. Lewis York1964254English
IVTMB.1.32Amplifiers and Oscillators: Vacuum-Tube Amplifiers, Vacuum-Tube OscillatorsAlbert R. HodgesEnglish
IVTMB.1.33Amplifiers The Why and How of Good AmplificationG. A. Briggs1952216English
IVTMB.1.34An Approach to Audio Frequency Amplifier DesignG. E. C. Valve1957126English
IVTMB.1.35An Experimental Study Of The Over-All Regulation Of Conventional Vacuum Tube Rectifier CircuitsAlfred Joseph Hiegel1934English
IVTMB.1.36An Introduction to TelevisionHylander Harding 1941English
IVTMB.1.37An Introduction to Vacuum TechniqueTurnbull, A.H.Newnes/WileyLondon/New York1963English
IVTMB.1.38Antique Radio RepairAlfred CorbinsEnglish
IVTMB.1.39Apparecchi Radiofonici a CristalloMecozziItalian
IVTMB.1.40Applied ElectronicsTruman S. Gray1954913English
IVTMB.1.41Arbeitsverfahren und Stoffkunde der HochvakuumtechnikSteyskal, H.Physik VerlagMosbach1955170German
IVTMB.1.42ATC Standardized Electronic Principles Student WorkbooksElectronic Principles DepartmentKeesler AFB1967English
IVTMB.1.43Audels Book of Practical ElectricityEnglish
IVTMB.1.44Audels New Electric LibraryFrank D. Graham1932English
IVTMB.1.45Audels Radiomans GuideEdwin P. Anderson1945880English
IVTMB.1.46Audiophile Vacuum Tube Amplifiers - Design, Construction, Testing, Repairing & Upgrading, Volume 1Igor S. PopovichEnglish
IVTMB.1.47Audiophile Vacuum Tube Amplifiers - Design, Construction, Testing, Repairing & Upgrading, Volume 2Igor S. PopovichEnglish
IVTMB.1.48Audiophile Vacuum Tube Amplifiers - Design, Construction, Testing, Repairing & Upgrading, Volume 1Igor S. PopovichEnglish
IVTMB.1.49Automatic Frequency Control SystemsJohm F. Rider1937153English
IVTMB.1.50AVS Recommended Practices on Vacuum Measurements and TechniquesAmerican Vacuum SocietyAmerican Vacuum Society199289English
IVTMB.1.51Basic Audio, Volume 1Norman Crowhurst1959114English
IVTMB.1.52Basic Audio, Volume 2Norman Crowhurst1959122English
IVTMB.1.53Basic Audio, Volume 3Norman Crowhurst1959113English
IVTMB.1.54Basic Electricity / Electronics UnitsHoward W. Sams & Co.1964English
IVTMB.1.55Basic Electronic Devices: From Vacuum Tubes to Large Scale IntegrationPenton Education Division1969English
IVTMB.1.56Basic ElectronicsVan ValkenburghNooger and Neville Inc.1955English
IVTMB.1.57Basic Radio - The Essentials of Electron tubes and their CircuitsJ. Barton Hoag1942English
IVTMB.1.58Basic Theory and Applications of Electron TubesDepartments of the Army and Air Force1952215English
IVTMB.1.59Basic Vacuum PracticeVarian AssociatesVarian AssociatesPalo Alto1986English
IVTMB.1.60Basic Vacuum Practice Second EditionVarian AssociatesVarian AssociatesPalo Alto1989English
IVTMB.1.61Basic Vacuum TechnologyChambers, A.Institute of Physics PublishingBristol1989English
IVTMB.1.62Basic Vacuum Technology Second EditionChambers, A.Institute of Physics PublishingBristol1998180English
IVTMB.1.63Basic Vacuum Tubes And Their UsesJohn Francis Rider1955English
IVTMB.1.64Beam Power TubesO. H. SchadeRCA1938English
IVTMB.1.65Beginners Guide to RadioCamm1956English
IVTMB.1.66Brets Antique Radio RestorationEnglish
IVTMB.1.67British Radio Valves: The Vintage Years: 1904-1925Keith R. ThrowerEnglish
IVTMB.1.68Building Vacuum Tube Guitar & Bass Amplifiers, Volume 1Tino Zottola2003English
IVTMB.1.69Building Vacuum Tube Guitar & Bass Amplifiers, Volume 2Tino Zottola2003English
IVTMB.1.70Building Vacuum Tube Guitar & Bass Amplifiers, Volume 3Tino Zottola2006English
IVTMB.1.71Building Valve AmplifiersMorgan JonesEnglish
IVTMB.1.72Building With Electronics: Transistor And Vacuum Tube ProjectsHarry Zarchy1962English
IVTMB.1.73Capacitors, Magnetic Circuits, and TransformersLeander Matsch1964350English
IVTMB.1.74Care and Feeding of Power Tetrodes1951English
IVTMB.1.75Circuit Theory and DesignJohn L. Stewart1956499English
IVTMB.1.76Circuit Theory of Electron DevicesE. Milton Boone1953499English
IVTMB.1.77Collectors Guide to Vintage Televisions - Identification and ValuesBryan Durbal & Glenn BubenheimerCollectors Books division of Schroeder Publishing Company1999English
IVTMB.1.78Communications Receivers ManualRadiotrician1948English
IVTMB.1.79Communications Receivers: The Vacuum Tube Era, 1932-1981Raymond S. Moore1997English
IVTMB.1.80Communications Receivers: The Vacuum Tube Era: 50 Glorious Years, 1932-1981Raymond S Moore1993English
IVTMB.1.81Conductance Curve DesignKeats A. Pullen1958127English
IVTMB.1.82Construction of Vacuum SystemsDanilin, V.S.GosenergoisdatMoscow/Leningrad1959English
IVTMB.1.83Corso di Tecnica delle TelecomunicazioniItalian
IVTMB.1.84Coyne Electrical and Radio Trouble Shooting ManualCoyne Electrical School1946612English
IVTMB.1.86Crystal Receivers for Broadcast ReceptionHarris1922English
IVTMB.1.87D/F Handbook for Wireless OperatorsW. E. Crook194285English
IVTMB.1.88Das Funkbastlers RatgeberAnschutz & Co.1926104German
IVTMB.1.89Data and Circuits of TV Receiver Valves1953English
IVTMB.1.90David Sarnoff - A BiographyEugene LyonsHarper & RowEnglish
IVTMB.1.91Defining Vision - The Battle for the Future of TelevisionJoel BrinkleyHarcourt BraceEnglish
IVTMB.1.92Dependence of the Input Impedance of a Three-Electrode Vacuum Tube Upon the Load in the Plate CircuitJohn Milton MillerNational Bureau Department of CommerceEnglish
IVTMB.1.93Designing and Building Hi-Fi FurnitureJeff Markell1959225English
IVTMB.1.94Development and Performance of Television Camera TubesR. B. Janes, R. E. Johnson, R. S. MooreTube Department Radio Corporation of AmericaEnglish
IVTMB.1.95Dictionary of High Vacuum Science and TechnologyWeber, F.American Elsevier Publishing Co.New York1968English
IVTMB.1.96Die Rohr im UKW-Emfänger, Volume 1Afred Nowak, Rudolf Cantz & Wilhelm Engbert1959129German
IVTMB.1.97Die Rohr im UKW-Emfänger, Volume 2Afred Nowak, Rudolf Cantz & Wilhelm Engbert1959110German
IVTMB.1.98Die Rohr im UKW-Emfänger, Volume 3Afred Nowak, Rudolf Cantz & Wilhelm Engbert1959146German
IVTMB.1.99Distant Vision - Romance and Discovery On An Invisible FrontierElma G. FarnsworthPemberlyKent Publishers, Inc.English
IVTMB.1.100Domestic Receiving and Amplifying Tubes with Foreign EquivalentsB. V. Katsnelson, A. S. LarionovEnglish
IVTMB.1.101Dynamical AnalogiesHarry F. Olson1943107English
IVTMB.1.102Elec & Elec FundamentalsJohn E Remich1960English
IVTMB.1.103Electric Guitar Amplifer HandbookJack DarrHoward W. Sams.English
IVTMB.1.104Electrical CommunicationArthur Albert1950598English
IVTMB.1.105Electrical EngineeringE. E. Kimberly1951394English
IVTMB.1.106Electrical Novelties: The Ultra Vacuum Electrodes, X-Ray Tubes and Stands, the Multiple Spark InterrupterSwett Lewis CompanyEnglish
IVTMB.1.107Electron Beams and Microwave Vacuum ElectronicsShulim E. TsimringEnglish
IVTMB.1.108Electron Physics of Vacuum and Gaseous DevicesSedlacek, M.WileyNew York1996English
IVTMB.1.109Electron Tube CircuitsSeelyMcGraw/Hill1950English
IVTMB.1.110Electron Tube DesignRCA1963943English
IVTMB.1.111Electron Tube LocatorGeorge H. FathauerEnglish
IVTMB.1.112Electron Tubes and Semiconductors1959English
IVTMB.1.113Electron Tubes and Vacuum TubesEdward Lewis, Nanja L. Lewis-BarnesEnglish
IVTMB.1.114Electron Tubes Volume IRCA1949483English
IVTMB.1.115Electron Tubes Volume IIRCA1949462English
IVTMB.1.116Electronic Amplifier CircuitsJoseph Petit, Malcolm McWhorter1961325English
IVTMB.1.117Electronic and Electrical FundamentalsMartin D Bradshaw, William J ByattPhilco Corporation1975English
IVTMB.1.118Electronic Circuit TheoryHenry J. Zimmerman & Samuel J. Mason1960586English
IVTMB.1.119Electronic CircuitsE. J. Angelo1958467English
IVTMB.1.120Electronic CircuitsThomas L. Martin1955735English
IVTMB.1.121Electronic Circuits and TubesCruft Laboratory at Harvard University1947994English
IVTMB.1.122Electronic Circuits: A Unified Treatment of Vacuum Tubes and TransistorsErnest Angelo1964English
IVTMB.1.123Electronic Designers HandbookRobert Landee Donovan Davis & Albert Albrecht19571050English
IVTMB.1.124Electronic DisplaysE. G. BylanderTexas Instruments, Inc. Opto-Electronics Dept.English
IVTMB.1.125Electronic Engineering PrinciplesJohn D. Ryder, Ph.D.Prentic-Hall, Inc.English
IVTMB.1.126Electronic Rectifiers and ValvesA. Guntherschulze1928227English
IVTMB.1.127Electronic Transformers and CircuitsReuben Lee1955349English
IVTMB.1.128Electronic Tube Theory and CircuitsEnglish
IVTMB.1.129Electronic Universal Vade-MecumMikolajczyk-Paszkowski,Polish
IVTMB.1.130ElectronicsMillman & SeelyMcGraw-HillEnglish
IVTMB.1.131Electronics Amplifier CircuitsEnglish
IVTMB.1.132Electronics and Electron TubesE. D. McArthur1936180English
IVTMB.1.133Electronics for Communications EngineersJohn Markus, Vin Zeluff1952619English
IVTMB.1.134Electronics for EngineersJohn Markus, Vin Zeluff1945398English
IVTMB.1.135Electronics in the West - The First Fifty yearsJane MorganNational Press BooksEnglish
IVTMB.1.136Electronics the Easy WayEnglish
IVTMB.1.137Electron-Tube CircuitsSamuel Seely1950530English
IVTMB.1.138ElektronenröhrenDäschler, A.Archimedes-VerlagZürich1945100German
IVTMB.1.139Elementary Radio ServicingWellmanEnglish
IVTMB.1.140Elementary Text-Book on Wireless Vacuum TubesScott-Taggart, J.FirthLondon1922English
IVTMB.1.141Elementi di Telegrafia Senza FiloGuerra1912Italian
IVTMB.1.142Elements of Radio ServicingMarcus, LevyEnglish
IVTMB.1.143Elements of Tape Recorder CircuitsHerman Burstein & Henty Pollack1957223English
IVTMB.1.144Elements of Television SystemsG. E. Anner1960English
IVTMB.1.145Encyclopedia of Radio and Television Broadcasting The Man Behind the MicrophoneRobert St. JohnCathedral Square PublishingEnglish
IVTMB.1.146Engineering ElectronicsDonald Fink1938361English
IVTMB.1.147Engineering ElectronicsGeorge Happell, Wilfred Hesselberth1953508English
IVTMB.1.148Ergebnisse der Hochvakuumtechnik und der Physik dünner Schichten, Band IIAuwärter, M.Wissenschaftliche Verlagsgesellschaft mbHStuttgart1971German
IVTMB.1.149Everybody’s Radio ManualEnglish
IVTMB.1.150Everyday Practical ElectronicsEnglish
IVTMB.1.151Excerpts From Vacuum Tubes, Theory And UseSylvan Jay Crooker1919English
IVTMB.1.152Experimenta Nova (ut Vocantur) Magdeburgica de Vacuo SpatioO von GuerickeAmsterdam1672
IVTMB.1.153Experimental Vacuum Science and TechnologyMarcel DekkerAmerican Vacuum SocietyNew York1973English
IVTMB.1.154Experimental Wireless Stations Their Theory, Design, Construction and Operation: Including Wireless TelephonyPhilip E. Edelman1920English
IVTMB.1.155Experiments With High Tension Discharge In Vacuum TubesMetta ClareEnglish
IVTMB.1.156Experiments With Vacuum TubesDavid Lionel SalomonsEnglish
IVTMB.1.157Exploring Electronics1971English
IVTMB.1.158Fast Forward - Hollywood, the Japanese, and the VCR WarsJames LardnerW. W. Norton & CompanyEnglish
IVTMB.1.159Federal Telephone and Radio Corporation - Handbook of Tube Operation 2nd Ed1944English
IVTMB.1.160Ferdinand Braun, a life of the Nobel prizewinner and inventor of the cathode-ray oscilloscopeKurylo, F.MIT PressCambridge1981English
IVTMB.1.161First Radio Book for BoysMorgan1941English
IVTMB.1.162Fixing Up Nice Old RadiosEd RomneyEnglish
IVTMB.1.163Flash of the Cathode RaysDahl, F.Institute of Physics PublishingBristol1997English
IVTMB.1.164Flat-Panel Displays and CRTsEditor Lawrence E. Tannas, Jr.Van Nostrand Reinhold CompanyEnglish
IVTMB.1.165FM SimplifiedEnglish
IVTMB.1.166FM Transmission and ReceptionJohn Rider & Seymour Uslan1950460English
IVTMB.1.167Foundations of Vacuum Science and TechnologyLafferty, J.M.John Wiley & SonsNew York1998720English
IVTMB.1.168From Vacuum Tubes to ICBMs and my Subconscious: Autobiography of an ArmenianArthur PanosianEnglish
IVTMB.1.169From Vacuum Tubes to Nanotubes: An Amazing Half Century - The Emergence of Electronic Circuit Technology 1957-2007Michael L. MartelEnglish
IVTMB.1.170Functional Circuits and OscillatorsHerbert J. Reich1961491English
IVTMB.1.171Fundamental Electronics and Vacuum TubesArthur Lemuel Albert1947English
IVTMB.1.172Fundamental Theory Of The Thermionic Vacuum TubeJohn D. Askew1941English
IVTMB.1.173Fundamentals of Electricity and Vacuum Tubes, Enlisted Men’s Radio Technical TrainingMidland Radio, Television Schools1942English
IVTMB.1.174Fundamentals of Engineering ElectronicsWilliam Dow1937617English
IVTMB.1.175Fundamentals of Power Vacuum Tube ManufacturingRobert B McCrum1960English
IVTMB.1.176Fundamentals of TransistorsLeonard Krugman1954140English
IVTMB.1.177Fundamentals of Vacuum Equipment Design and CalculationsSaksaganskii, G.L.MashinostroenieMoscow1978English
IVTMB.1.178Fundamentals of Vacuum Science and TechnologyLewin, G.McGraw-HillNew York1965English
IVTMB.1.179Fundamentals of Vacuum TubesAustin Vitruvius EastmanMcGraw-Hill1940English
IVTMB.1.180General Vacuum Physics Handbuch der PhysikJaeckel, R.Springer-VerlagBerlin195894
IVTMB.1.181Getter and Getter Ion Vacuum PumpsSaksaganskii, G.L.Harwood Academic PublishersBasel, Switzerland1994English
IVTMB.1.182Getting Started In ElectronicsForrest MimsEnglish
IVTMB.1.183Getting the Most Out of Vacuum TubesRobert B Tomer1960164English
IVTMB.1.184Ghirardi Troubleshooters EncyclopediaEnglish
IVTMB.1.185Glass and Metal Vacuum TubesThomas Justin Gleichauf1936English
IVTMB.1.186Graphical Constructions for Vacuum Tube CircuitsAlbert Preisman1943245English
IVTMB.1.187Grondslagen van de RadiobuizentechniekPhilips Gloeilampenfabrieken te Einhioven1943505German
IVTMB.1.188Guitar Amp HandbookDave HunterEnglish
IVTMB.1.189Guitar Amplifier Handbook - Understanding Tube Amplifiers and Getting Great SoundsEnglish
IVTMB.1.190Ham Radios Technical CultureMIT PressEnglish
IVTMB.1.191Handbook of Amateur Tube Uses1938English
IVTMB.1.192Handbook Of Electron Tube And Vacuum TechniquesFred RoseburyAVS Classics in Vacuum Science and Technology1993597SoftboundEnglish
IVTMB.1.193Handbook of Electron Tube and Vacuum TechniquesFred RoseburyAddison WesleyReading1965English
IVTMB.1.194Handbook of Electron Tube and Vacuum TechniquesFred RoseburyAmerican Institute of PhysicsNew York1992620English
IVTMB.1.195Handbook of High Vacuum EngineeringSteinherz, H.Reinhold Publishing Corp.New York1963English
IVTMB.1.196Handbook Of Materials And Techniques For Vacuum DevicesWalter H. KohlReinhold Publishing Corp.New York1995623HardboundEnglish
IVTMB.1.197Handbook of Tube OperationFederal Telephone and Radio Corporation194468English
IVTMB.1.198Handbook of Vacuum Physics Vol. 1Beck, A.H.Pergamon PressOxford1964English
IVTMB.1.199Handbook of Vacuum Physics Vol. 2Beck, A.H.Pergamon PressOxford1968English
IVTMB.1.200Handbook of Vacuum Science and TechnologyHoffman, D.M., Singh, B., Thomas, J.H., Eds.Academic PressLondon1998839English
IVTMB.1.201Handbook of Vacuum TechnologyJousten, K., EditorJohn Wiley & SonsWeinheim20081000English
IVTMB.1.202Handbook of Vacuum Tubes and Techniques in Military ElectronicsBenjamin M. DoddEnglish
IVTMB.1.203Handbuch der Vakuumtechnik Second EditionHolland-Merten, E.L.Knapp-VerlagFrankfurt1950German
IVTMB.1.204Handbuch Spezialröhren für ElektronikGerman
IVTMB.1.205Harmonic Distortion and Negative Feedback in Audio-Frequency AmplifiersBBC Engineering Training Dept.1950105English
IVTMB.1.206Hi-Fi and Audio Tubes1956English
IVTMB.1.207High Fidelity TechniquesJames Langham1950114English
IVTMB.1.208High VacuumJnanananda, S.Van Nostrand CoNew York1947English
IVTMB.1.209High VacuumKaye, G.W.C.Longmans, Green and Co.New York1927English
IVTMB.1.210High Vacuum EngineeringBarrington, A.E.Prentice-HallNew Jersey1963English
IVTMB.1.211High Vacuum Technique First EditionYarwood, J.Chapman & HallLondon1943English
IVTMB.1.212High Vacuum Technique Second EditionYarwood, J.Chapman & HallLondon1945English
IVTMB.1.213High Vacuum Technique Third EditionYarwood, J.Chapman & HallLondon1955English
IVTMB.1.214High Vacuum Technique Fourth Revised EditionYarwood, J.Chapman & HallLondon1967English
IVTMB.1.215High Vacuum Technology - A Practical Guide First EditionHablanian, M.H.Marcel DekkerNew York1990English
IVTMB.1.216High Vacuum Technology - A Practical Guide Second EditionHablanian, M.H.Marcel DekkerNew York1997540English
IVTMB.1.217High-Fidelity Circuit DesignNorman Crowhurst, George Cooper1957296English
IVTMB.1.218Hipersil Core Design Engineers HandbookWestinghouse1965108English
IVTMB.1.219Historic Vacuum Tubes for Telephony and RadioEnglish
IVTMB.1.220History of the British Radio Valve to 1940Keith R. ThrowerEnglish
IVTMB.1.221History of Vacuum Science and TechnologyMadey, T.E., Brown, W.C.AVS/AIPNew York1984English
IVTMB.1.222Hoch- und UltrahochvakuumRecker, C.Expert VerlagRenningen1984220German
IVTMB.1.223How a Vacuum Tube Acts as a DetectorNational Radio Institute1932English
IVTMB.1.224How a Vacuum Tube WorksNational Radio InstituteEnglish
IVTMB.1.225How to Build Hazeltines Neutrodyne Circuit Radio Receiver1923English
IVTMB.1.226How to Build Short Wave SetsDoerle1938English
IVTMB.1.227How to Build Your First Vacuum Tube Regenerative ReceiverT.J. LindsayEnglish
IVTMB.1.228How To Make Movies With Your Home Video CameraStewart DollinTemplar BooksEnglish
IVTMB.1.229How to Make the Most Popular all Wave ReceiversGernsback1935English
IVTMB.1.230How To Make The Vacuum Tube Wireless Receiving Sets,Lyle D Brigham1922English
IVTMB.1.231How To Service Tape RecordersC. A. Tuthill1954154English
IVTMB.1.232How to Use MetersJohn F. Rider1960109English
IVTMB.1.233How to use Video Tape RecordersHarry KybettHoward W. SamsEnglish
IVTMB.1.234How Vacuum Tubes and Transistors WorkUnited Electronics Laboratories1966English
IVTMB.1.235How Vacuum Tubes WorkNational Radio Institute1962English
IVTMB.1.236Hydrogen in Materials and Vacuum SystemsMyneni, G.R., Chattopadhyay, S.American Institute of PhysicsNew York2003English
IVTMB.1.237Ideas For The Radio Experimenters Laboratory, Containing Much Valuable Data On The Construction And Use Of SuchMilton Blake Sleeper1922English
IVTMB.1.238Illustrated History of Philips Radio valvesStewartEnglish
IVTMB.1.239Industrial Gaseous Leak Detection ManualKnarr, O.M.McGraw-HillNew York1998English
IVTMB.1.240Inside the Vacuum TubeJohn F Rider1945407-English
IVTMB.1.241Inside Tube Amps, the Design, Modification and Repair Manual for Vacuum Tube Guitar AmplifiersDan Torres1995English
IVTMB.1.242Insulators for vacuum tube and radio frequency equipmentR Ruedy1933English
IVTMB.1.243Integrated Micro Vacuum Tubes in Silicon: The Return of the "Radio Valve"Jens A. FoersterEnglish
IVTMB.1.244Introducing The Single-Camera VTR systemGrayson Mattingly & Welby SmithCharles Scribners SonsEnglish
IVTMB.1.245Introduction To The Physics Of GyrotronsGregory S. NusinovichEnglish
IVTMB.1.246Introduction to Theory and Practice of High Vacuum TechnologyWard, L., Bunn, J.P.ButterworthsLondon1967English
IVTMB.1.247Introduction to Vacuum TechnologyHata, D.M.Prentice HallNew Jersey2007English
IVTMB.1.248Investigations into the Causes of Vacuum Degradation in a Ceramic-to-Metal Seal Vacuum TubeWilliam K. McNeil1977English
IVTMB.1.249Kinetic Theory of GasesPresent, R.D.McGraw-HillNew York1958English
IVTMB.1.250Kinetic Theory of Gases First EditionKnudsen, M.John Wiley & SonsNew York1934English
IVTMB.1.251Kinetic Theory of Gases Second EditionKnudsen, M.John Wiley & SonsNew York1946English
IVTMB.1.252Kinetic Theory of Gases: Some Modern AspectsKnudsen, M.John Wiley & SonsNew York1950English
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IVTMB.1.254Klystrons, Traveling Wave Tubes, Magnetrons, Crossed-Field Amplifiers, and GyrotronsAlexander S. Gilmour, Jr.
IVTMB.1.255Know Your OscilloscopePaul C. Smith1958151
IVTMB.1.256Kryo-VakuumtechnikHaefer, R.A.Springer-VerlagNew York1981German
IVTMB.1.257La cloaca maxima ou le vacuum tube
IVTMB.1.258La Technique du VideDunoyer, L.Journal de PhysiqueParis1924French
IVTMB.1.259Le Ampolle ElettronicheSchipani1931Italian
IVTMB.1.260Le Vide et ses ApplicationsDunoyer, L.Presse Universitaires de FranceParis1950French
IVTMB.1.261Lenks Video HandbookJohn D. LinkMcGraw-HillEnglish
IVTMB.1.262Les Calculs de la Technique du VideDelafosse, F., Mongodin, G.La Societe Francaise des Ingenieurs et Techniciens du VideParis1961French
IVTMB.1.263Leutzs Modern Radio ReceptionEnglish
IVTMB.1.264Leybold Vacuum HandbookDiels, K., Jaeckel, R.Pergamon PressOxford1966English
IVTMB.1.265Leybold Vakuum-TaschenbuchDiels, K., Jaeckel, R.Springer-VerlagBerlin1958German
IVTMB.1.266Linear Vacuum-tube and Transistor Circuits: a Unified Treatment of Linear Active CircuitsAlfred J. Jr, J Barry Oakes Cote1961English
IVTMB.1.267Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps, Compressors and SystemsBannwarth, H.WileyWeinheim / Bergstrasse2005English
IVTMB.1.268Luminous Efficiency Of Vacuum-Tube RadiationElmer Reginald DrewKessinger Publishing1903English
IVTMB.1.269Magnetic AmplifiersPaul Mali1960101English
IVTMB.1.270Magnetic RecordingCharles E. LowmanMcGraw-HillEnglish
IVTMB.1.271Magnetic Recording The First 100 YearsEric D. Daniel, C. Denis Mee, Mark H. ClarkIEEE PressEnglish
IVTMB.1.272Magnetic Recording Wire and TapeM. L. Quartermaine195272English
IVTMB.1.273Magnetically Controlled Vacuum TubeRobert Charles SiegelEnglish
IVTMB.1.274Maintaining & Repairing Video Cassette RecordersRobert L. GoodmanTab BooksEnglish
IVTMB.1.275Mallory Radio Service EncyclopediaEnglish
IVTMB.1.276Manometers for Low Gas PressuresGeneral Electric CoUK1920English
IVTMB.1.277Manual of Simplified Radio ServicingTustison1943English
IVTMB.1.278Materials and Processes of Electron DevicesKnoll, M., Kazan, B.Springer-VerlagBerlin1959English
IVTMB.1.279Materials and Techniques for Electron TubesWalter Kohl1960657English
IVTMB.1.280Materials and Techniques for Electron TubesWalter KohlReinhold Publishing Corp.New York1951English
IVTMB.1.281Materials of High Vacuum Technology Vol. 1: MetalsEspe, W.Pergamon PressOxford1966English
IVTMB.1.282Materials of High Vacuum Technology Vol. 2: SilicatesEspe, W.Pergamon PressOxford1968English
IVTMB.1.283Materials of High Vacuum Technology Vol. 3: Auxiliary MaterialsEspe, W.Pergamon PressOxford1968English
IVTMB.1.284Materials Technology for Vacuum TubesWalter Kohl1951504English
IVTMB.1.285Max Auwärter, Ein Leben für die Vakuumphysik in Wissenschaft und IndustrieKleber, PBalzers AGLiechtenstein1978160German
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