Filling the Vacuum

Celebrating the History, Beauty and Science of Tubes

The magazine of the International Vacuum Tube Museum… Dedicated to the Past, Present, and Future History of Tubes.

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projects, meetings, abstracts, papers, your unique experiences or perspectives on vacuum tubes, technological changes from vacuum tubes, etc. Other ideas for topics include, the consequences and impacts of vacuum tubes, the success of vacuum tubes, how vacuum tubes create new markets and transform old markets, how people use vacuum tubes, how vacuum tubes influence society, the most recognizable vacuum tubes, the best vacuum tubes, exciting current projects, exciting current research, where vacuum tubes will be decades from now, and so on.

Articles can be short or long. Articles can look at vacuum tubes in the past, today, and in the future. Articles can be original works, or previously published with permission rights to publish in our publications and on our website. Long articles should include abstracts. Authors should tell us how you want your name to be shown, and if associated with an organization, your title and the name of the organization.

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