International Telescope Museum

World's Only Formal Telescope Museum

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International Vacuum Tube Museum

World's Only Formal Vacuum Tube Museum

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Preservations Project

Preserving and Saving Telescopes and Astronomical Facilities

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The Museums

We are two 501(c)(3) nonprofit museums focused on the preservation of the past, present and future histories of telescopes and vacuum tubes.


We greatly appreciate your willingness to donate to the Museums. Telescopes and vacuum tubes have immense importance and are icons of the modern age. Telescopes especially play a very special role as the foundation of astronomy and understanding the universe, and vacuum tubes especially play a very special role as the foundation of all electronics. The Museums fulfill the vital need to preserve everything that documents telescopes and vacuum tubes as very important parts of our civilization and our culture for current and future generations. Donations to the Museums are fully tax-deductible. Please let us know if you would like a tax deduction letter to file with your return.

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